My name is Mike Allen and I’m a bit of everything in IT and I’ve done a bit of most things in quite a few different places. I believe that IT is a service industry and that we exist to produce workable solutions for our customers. I don’t push any particular technological ideology. That may sound a bit boring, but I’m trying to create a new methodology with the bold purpose of making it easier to match solutions to needs, this is the effort I have called ‘Project 21’.

This blog is being used to publish ‘The Practical Guide to IT Projects’, a work in progress. I’m finding it a good way to get my thoughts on the subject together. At the moment it seems unlikely that the Guide will be formally published as a book, but I’m always open for offers!

Most page content is original and is copyright, but please feel free to use it with attribution for non-commercial purposes.

My main site is https://mikeallen.com.au/ if you want to get in touch