Category: UML

Project 21 not dead just resting!

I’ve been a bit too busy to get around to Project 21 lately, but I will get around to it. I’ve been working on my own web site at and other projects. I intend to get back to methodology as soon as I can. My next update will begin to integrate the Business Motivation Model(BMM) into my ideas. I’ve had a bit of an epiphany about functional and non-functional requirements and I need to work it through in the BMM context. I think the functional/non-functional divide, while useful, can be considerably improved on by using the BMM. The BMM has enormous potential to change the way we think about business and technology and can enable us to fully integrate technology into the business plan. This can create a real Win-Win scenario where business can clearly associate technology with business needs and technologists can link their solutions directly to the business plan.

Watch this space for more updates real soon!

Conceptual data modelling

I’ve been reviewing the conceptual data area, what I have called the ‘Information Model’ and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Data Structure Diagram is what I’m after, albeit with arrows, not crows feet. One of the advantages of the DSD is that you can describe an interface fairly readily with it and put objects inside each other. I think the crow’s feet belong at the Logical E-R diagram level. Thinking about these areas does make you realise how limiting the conventional UML class diagram can be in conceptual and design thinking.