Update to Interfaces

I’ve completed an update of the Logical Design of Interfaces, human interfaces that is, and I’ve found a fertile area for more visualizations of the way that people can interact with the system. This connect very well with Use Cases, which looks like it will be the next area for an upgrade. The division of the development phases of the methodology into the User Interface, Process and Data streams is not meant to define separation but more aspects of development that complement each other in the completed solution. I say this because I don’t see the methodology as rubber stamping three-tier development, which was a good approach for traditional client server, but was never meant to be the ideology that some people make it into.

If there is any ideology in this methodology it is the ideology of ‘connectedness’, that no aspect of a system can be viewed in isolation and out of context. The useful synthesis of ideas and visulizations with business process and data should be apparent in the user interface and how people interact with that interface.

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